We’re looking for landowners with available land to create new solar projects in Italy and the UK.

Benefits of working with us

Volt Infrastructure offers a highly attractive lease or purchase structure to match your interests. With a combination of in-house competence and regional partners, we work closely with our land owners throughout the development process and for the life of the asset; we are investors with long term interests.

Landowners that choose to work with Volt Infrastructure can expect:

Effective communication throughout the development and construction process.
Efficient and professional developers who are focused on the project and its long term interests.
A partner who is sensitive to the local community, and where possible is seeking to sell the power to local businesses.

Landowners are welcome to contact us for a no obligation exploratory call, where we can discuss a potential working relationship and answer any questions you might have.

Solar panels farm in the field

How does it work?

Our team are ready to guide you through the simple process.
Step 1

Contact us via online form, phone or email.

Step 2

You'll be contacted by our team at to begin the next phase of verifying the project's feasibility.

Step 3

Join us in contributing to the sustainable development of the country and the protection of the environment.

Agrivoltaics is the practice of reconciling clean energy and agricultural use of the same piece of land.

The contribution of photovoltaics to global sustainability is not limited to the simple generation of renewable energy. Photovoltaic projects can coexist with agricultural activities ensuring the maintenance of agricultural land use and benefits for the local rural economy.

Industrial olive farming

Land can be designed to accommodate solar panels and olive trees in a way that maximises efficiency for both, particularly when employing industrial olive farming techniques.


The land around solar panels can be used for wildflowers that provide a habitat for bees and other pollinating insects. Hives can be established on the solar farm or nearby land. 

Agricultural crops

Using the same piece of land for a solar farm and for growing crops can be very productive, with certain crops thriving when grown this way, with minimal modifications to solar panel construction.

Sheep grazing

Sheep and solar farms are a great match for the same piece of land. The sheep help to keep the ground clear, often where machinery cannot reach. They use the panels for shade from the sun and pose no risk of damage to the equipment.

Get in touch

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Via Piemonte, 39, 00187 Roma RM


Via Piemonte, 39, 00187 Roma RM

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