VOLT obtains STMG on 130MW AgriPV project in Basilicata

VOLT Infrastructure, a leading Italian renewable energy developer, is excited to present its latest milestone in sustainable energy infrastructure: the development of a 130 megawatt (MW) agri-voltaic project in Basilicata, Italy, and the receipt of the Technical Solution for connection to the National Transmission Grid from Terna. This important project marks a significant step forward in the exploitation of solar energy to meet national energy needs and to achieve the new European 2030 targets, while promoting and supporting existing agricultural practices. The agri-voltaic project, located in the agriculturally intensive region of Basilicata, underlines VOLT Infrastructure’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in energy development. Harnessing advanced solar technology, the project will generate clean, renewable electricity to supply the energy needs of thousands of homes and businesses in the surrounding area. In addition to its notable capacity, the project exemplifies the harmonious integration of solar energy production with agricultural practices. Through careful planning and collaboration with local stakeholders, VOLT Infrastructure has designed the project to optimise land-use efficiency, enabling simultaneous agricultural activities and solar energy production. For the Basilicata project, a mix of agri-voltaic strategies will be used to ensure that local agriculture is enhanced by the project. CEO Duncan Bott noted, “The fundamental idea behind agrivoltaics is remarkable. By merging an innovative photovoltaic system with contemporary and sustainable agricultural practices, we can optimise land use to effectively address the economic and social challenges of the future.” Duncan Bott, CEO VOLT Infrastructure The predominant strategy will be the implementation of ‘super-intensive olive cultivation’, in which industrial olive cultivation techniques are used to house both solar panels and olive trees to maximise the efficiency of both. VOLT Infrastructure will also work with local farmers to implement ‘solar grazing’, in which sheep farming coexists with the PV system in a mutually beneficial partnership. This innovative approach not only maximises resource utilisation, but also promotes agricultural sustainability and economic resilience in the region. Furthermore, VOLT Infrastructure is proud to announce that it has received the ‘Minimum General Technical Solution’ (STMG) from Terna for this innovative project. The STMG received underlines the technological innovation, economic feasibility, and transformative impact potential of the project in the renewable energy sector. As VOLT Infrastructure moves forward in Italy with the development of the 130 MW agri-voltaic project, the company remains steadfast in its mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future. With a focus on innovation, collaboration and environmental protection, VOLT Infrastructure continues to set new standards of excellence in renewable energy development in Italy.


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