Developing and investing in high performing grid scale renewable energy projects.

Continuously creating value

It is not just our solar farms that continuously create value, with experience in solar power and energy storage, the Volt Infrastructure team can help both landowners and investors reap the benefits of renewable energy assets.

Bringing together experience and expertise from across the technical and financial supply chain we add value at every stage of the process.


project financing available

Volt Infrastructure has an established track record and a growing pipeline of large-scale solar projects in development.


Rent or sell your land for renewable energy projects

We’re looking for landowners with available land to create new solar projects in Italy.

Effective Communication throughout the development and construction process.
Efficient and professional developers who are focussed on the project and its long-term interests.
A partner who is sensitive to the local community, and where possible is seeking to sell the power to local businesses.

Solar Certainty

The Power of Solar

In an unpredictable world, the sun is a constant we can all rely on. This solar certainty means we can be confident in an assets revenue, and make safe, strategic investments: annualising the suns predictable generation and multiplying by a long-term fixed price.

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Via Piemonte, 39, 00187 Roma RM


Via Piemonte, 39, 00187 Roma RM

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